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    Clips cut short when imported into CS6

    Colinthefrog Level 1

      I have just started a very simple project which involves editing just one avi file, of 4.77GB and about 23 minutes long.  The file plays fine in Windows Media Player and Real Player, and seems to import fine into my project and onto the timeline, where it also plays fine.


      However, the clip cuts short at 2'13", and that is how long it appears to be in the timeline.  Yet Properties still has it as 4.77GB.  At 2'13" the clip ends.


      I've tried re-importing it various times  and have deleted the project and started a new one, all to no avail.  The clip has  a very simple, short name.


      The problem does not occur with the same clip in Windows Live Movie Maker.


      Any suggestions, please?  I have CS6, Windows 7 64-bit, Intel core i7.


      Thank you.