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    AVCHD Multi Track Editing Freezes

    Neofilm Level 1

      Ok, I've been editing AVCHD since it came out basically. I've been trying to upgrade here and there over the years in an attempt to build my machine up into a smooth editing experience.


      I have:


      Motherboard: ASUS P6X58D

      Processor: i7 X 980 @ 3.33 GHz

      RAM: 24 Gig DDR3

      Video: MSI GTX 680 Twin Frozr (4 Gb)


      Drive C: Main Hard Drive: SSD OCZ Agility 2: Has Win 7 64 bit & Software (Premiere Pro CS5)

      Drive D: RAID 0: Two 1 TB Hard Drives; Motherboard RAID Controller (Project and it's Media Files)

      Drive E: RAID 0: Two more 1 TB Hard Drives; Windows 7 RAID Controller (for Media Cache and Exporting to)


      Should I have the Media Cache on the same drive as the project for any reason? I thought it may be cool to get a small but decent SSD drive for Media Cache since those files can be destroyed without hurting the project I assume should the SSD fail, but I don't know if that's a good idea or necessary...


      In general, I am trying to edit my 3 Sony HDR CX550V cameras together. Resulting in 3 tracks of AVCHD in the timeline. I don't use multi track editor I just edit on the timeline. I do a lot of scrubbing when I can but here lately it's been hanging up a lot. Overall I've been able to edit 3 tracks like this with subtle hang ups here and there during playback. Basically, if I edit to fast it will hang up and I just pause and wait for the timeline indicator/video to resume working.


      For some reason this weeks project is hanging up for a lot longer. So, I've tried removing things from startup, I've even upgraded from my GTX 470 to a GTX 680 thinking that would make a difference. It did here and there but it's like everything will work fine for a little bit, a few minutes or so of editing, then all the suddent it will hang up again (e.g. I hit play and there is a long pause before it plays).


      I even downloaded PPRO CS6 trial version to see if that would work better. The audio appears to be less glitchy but video playback is worse.The video doesn't even play half the time. I changed the field order in the preview pane and it worked beautiful for a couple of minutes at most and then started acting up again. On a positive note the audio rolled on through better than in CS5, but the video was horrible and even worse than when I was using my GTX 470.


      So, I'm assuming I simply need a better RAID setup or to format my SSD and start over. Is there something I can do to keep the timeline playback rolling smooth so when I hit the space bar it plays the project, the video smooth without hesitation? It's not like I'm trying to do crazy effects or anything. I know the codec is highly compressed but there must be a way! Maybe something in NVIDIA control panel? Maybe a better RAID? What is the best thing to do next??? If it must be RAID what's the most powerful way to implement the right RAID for under a thousand, ideally under 500 bucks? Or should I start over with a new processor, motherboard, and RAID (if I can do that for under 2K, really hopeful a lot less...).


      Thanks for your help, I love the work, just want/need the workflow smoother, so all the help i can get is greatly appreciated!

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          AVCHD is not a disk intensive codec.  It requires about the same disk resources as DV and HDV.  Given the dangers of RAID 0, I'd say your best option is to forget about RAID entirely.  Keep the C: drive as is.  Break out both RAIDs into 4 separate drives.


          D: Projects

          E: Media

          F: Scratch

          G: Exports


          That will keep the load spread out so you're rarely reading from and writing to the same disk at the same time.  (And it eliminates the enhanced dangers of RAID 0.)



          Having said that, the real issue with AVCHD is the compression scheme, it just doesn't lend itself very well to editing.  It's very tough on the CPU, especially with 3 streams.  It may not ever be as snappy as editing 3 streams of DV.  You may simply need to slow down.  (I know I did when I switched.)

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            Neofilm Level 1

            Replying to my post for update:


            Everything is working perfectly! Since my post I've completed one project and now almost done with another. The GTX 680 so far has proven to definitely make a difference.


            I don't know what the problem was, I tried various things and eventually something worked. The last thing I did was delete the media cache files directly from their location. I thought I had done this via "Preferences" but apparantely that didn't clean out everything because there was, if I recall correctly, over 20 gigs at least in there, or 120 gigs, did so much so late and it's been a few days now, I don't recall...


            So, I may have not necessarily "needed" upgrade my card but I'm glad I did because Premiere is definitely running smoother now.


            I am curious though if I should do what Jim is suggusting.