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    losing mouse events for dynamically created movie clips

      HELP! I must be doing something really dumb.
      I have a single frame .fla with a movie clip on it called circle_mc, and the following code on frame 1:

      var boxmaker:BoxMaker=new BoxMaker(this,circle_mc);

      I've attached the code for the 2 classes BoxMaker and Box. All works fine until I add the following to frame 1 main timeline:
      circle_mc.onRollOver = function() {
      trace("roll over received on the circle_mc" );
      my circle_mc gets the onRollOver but my box instances no longer do. I need to be able to stack movie clips on top of movie clips the one on the bottom could be created statically at author time or dynamically at run time and I need it to be able to
      respond to mouse events independently of the ones on top. Am I doing something really dumb? Thanks very much in advance for anyone who can help.