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    RH10 SharePoint integration

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      I'm expecting a flood of fully formed and accurate responses to this post


      I'm trying to get RoboHelp 10 and SharePoint 2007 working for a demo I'm doing to justify a budget increase next year to upgrade to RH10. My first step was to get the Resource Manager location set-up. I'm using my own SharePoint site that forms part of our corporate site. I've added a resource location changing the "http://sharepoint" to just "\\sharepoint" and changing all forward slashes to back slashes. Thanks for that heads up Willam. The location is added successfully but shows as "unable to connect to the shared location".


      My thinking is that this is caused by one of the following:


      • SharePoint permissions: My windows logon has full control of the document library I have set-up for the Resource Manager's use. Is there some other permission that RoboHelp needs?
      • The document library URL when viewed in Explorer View is "....personal/cmcandrew/RoboHelp%20resources/Forms/WebFldr.aspx". Note the Forms subdirectory. Is this correct?


      I'm posting this mainly for the benefit of others in the future who flounder around trying to get this RH10 to SharePoint integration working. I hope any responses it gets prove useful. As an incentive, if it is I'll put a blog post together and post the link to this thread.