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    What is the hhc.exe being used by RoboHTML.exe?

    Krischu Level 1

      While waiting for (hopefully) getting an answer in my other thread, I'm trying to peek and poke around using procmon.exe to find out which file is being openened by what component when that mystical error occurs:


      HHC6000: Error:

      An internal file could not be created. Make certain there is enough disk space on the drive where you are compiling your file.


      HHC5007: Error:

      Fatal navigational compilation error. This is likely the result of an invalid contents (.hhc) file.



      I'm wondering whether it is the Microsoft Help Compiler itself (\program files(x86)\HTML HelpWorkshop\hhc.exe

      which apostrophizes itself by the same version banner as in the log window of RoboHTML.


      But I cannot see it in the process list being invoked eventually by RoboHTML.


      Any insight?