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    Audio playing but no video in viewer




      I was just working on a project and after selecting all of my files in my sequence and "unlink"ing them so as to edit the audio, I am now not getting any video displayed in the viewer. If I try and playback or drag the timeline slider I get the audio but no video. Unfortunately I saved just after unlinking the files but before I noticed the video was not working and now even if I reload the project I get no video. I have had a look at the autosave and the video in that works just fine, however it is a day old and I have done so much since then.


      I have also tried exporting and all that I get is audio and a black screen for video. The original files play fine in the source viewer.




      Windows 7

      8GB Ram

      AMD FX-8120 Processer

      2 x ATI HD6950 2GB Graphics cards in Crossfire


      working off of a USB 3.0 HDD


      Really want to know how I can fix this. Absolutely kicking myself over the save. What have I done?????????