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    placing images on multiple pages




      i am trying to place individual same size images on over a 1000 pages, is there a ato funtion for this ( or a script?)


      thank you!

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          Jump_Over Level 5



          if any masterPage is assigned to your pages ==> place image(es) on masterPage



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            ormus1 Level 1


            but then the image would be the same on all pages, each page should have a different image....


            thank you!

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              SJRiegel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I tried a small test--I think you can do it with Data Merge


              Mac or PC? The method I outline here will work on a Mac, but I have no way of testing it on a PC.


              If all the photos are in one folder, select all in the finder and select copy from the file menu.

              Open an Excel sheet (or other spreadsheet program) and paste. This will put your list of file names into the Excel sheet.

              Add a row at the top, and type  '@images  into that cell.

              Save the spreadsheet as a txt file (tab-delimited or comma-separated) in the same folder as your photos


              Open an InDesign Docment and pull up the Data Merge dialog. Choose your text file as the data source, and create one image box on the page in the size and shape that you want. Leave data merge at one record per page.

              Check the image placement options, and click create merged document.


              InDesign will then generate a document based on the spreadsheet, with one photo on each page.

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                Colin Flashman Adobe Community Professional

                can think of two ways. First way is a script by Loic Aigon called imagesbycsv. Put all the images in one folder, and then run the script which will prompt for the folder location, then click OK. From there, a data merge window appears. Either merge to a new document or a PDF, depending on what result you want. At the time of writing, Loic's site is under maintenance but an alternate link can be found with a similar article: http://indesignsecrets.com/creating-a-contact-sheet-or-yearbook-page-in-indesign.php . This is my preferred method given that caption metadata can also be added such as filename, scale, etc.


                the other way would be to use Adobe Acrobat in conjunction with InDesign and another script. First, in Adobe Acrobat Pro, go combine, merge files into a single PDF (may be different in Acrobat X). in the new dialog, drag all of the images into the dialog box - it doesn't matter if they are not PDFs. Make sure that "largest size" is checked so there is no data loss. Once run, save the resulting PDF. From here, go to indesign and run a script created by scott zanelli called MultiPDFimporter. Navigate to the PDF and then select the import options and click OK. The link is available from http://indesignsecrets.com/zanelli-releases-multipageimporter-for-importing-both-pdf-and-i ndd-files.php. This is NOT the preferred method though, given that links to the actual JPGs are no longer there.


                hope this helps.

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                  ormus1 Level 1

                  that worked great SRIEGEL thank you very much!

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                    thanx cd flash, the version above works great if you should ever need it, thank you!

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                      Colin Flashman Adobe Community Professional



                      My first suggestion and SRiegel's suggestions were exactly the same with the exception that loic's script does away with having to go anywhere near excel. by running his script, you simply point to the folder where the pictures are and BOOM - the script writes the spreadsheet for you and opens data merge at the same time, meaning excel doesn't have to be opened and no copy and pastes of directories into excel needs to be done.  Loic's script also includes the filename, so if this was to be put into the file as well (without having to make a live caption) this could be done too.