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    CFFTP problems with very large files

    Reed Powell Level 3

      I have an app that runs under CF9 to automatically check a couple of remote SFTP sites for available files, and transfer them to my server when they show up.  I just added a new client's SFTP info to the setup, and am seeing an odd problem.  They had both small (5-10 KB) and large (20MB+) files.  The small ones transferred just fine.  Every one of the large ones failes with a CFFTP error of -1.


      First thing I thought of was timeouts.  So I set the CFFTP timeout to 300, and the page request timeout to 9999 (which shouldn't matter anyway because I have the cfadmin box for timing out long-running pages unchecked).  Did not make a difference.  In fact, the CFFTP throws the -1 error after about a minute or less - which is far below the 5 minutes (300 seconds) that I set the CFFTP timeout param to be.


      I tried downloading one of the large files with FileZilla, and it copied just fine.


      Anyone have any ideas, either for the solution or something else to try to debug it?  Cannot find anything relevant from a Google search.




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          BKBK Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          A CFFTP error of -1 suggests to me that the process was abruptly interrupted. Think, for example, of a broken connection or timeout.


          One thing to try: Make sure you give the 300 second timeout attribute to the correct cfftp tag! That is, the one opening the connection, namely


          <cfftp action="open" connection="myConn" timeout="300">


          In addition, put the following tag at the top of the page to prevent ColdFusion from prematurely timing out the page itself:


          <cfsetting RequestTimeout = "300">