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    Slider bar that works for the iPad


      Hi guys


      Im not new to Edge however my knowledge of code is basic (Animation, basic functionality and design is my thing). My question is this, I have been able to use code so the bar in my example (LINK) is able to drag in a browser via

      using some code I found on a discussion on this forum, however my problem is that this doesn't translate onto the ipad.


      Please could I receive some direction in where to put this code wether it be on stage level or on the actual item level. The slide that managed to work on the browser

      was entered at stage level under 'compositionReady'


      Screen Shot 2012-11-09 at 17.24.28.png



      Im guessing that I will need to introduce 'touchstart' 'touchend' 'touchmove' at some point in the process and again where to drop this in would be really appreciated.

      As you can see I have the relevant JS folder collected within the folder too.


      Once again thanks to anyone who can help and guide me


      Kind regards