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    Ektron CMS 400 - any thoughts?

    hughbetcha Level 1
      Ektron CMS 400
      I viewed a live demo of this software and like it's features (good search feature, built-in forum, web alerts, built-in graphics editior). I'm currently using RoboInfo to document our companies' processes, but like some of the features of CMS400. Does anyone know much about this software and how do you think it compares with Robo? Is it worthwhile to wait for the new version of Robo?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          If you would like to tell Adobe what will make the next version and get them to tell us, we'll let you know about whether it is worth the wait. :-)

          Adobe are assessing what is to go in the next version and no decisions have been made but even if they had been, Adobe would not be willing or able to release such market sensitive information. I think we just have to assume they will make it a worthwhile upgrade.

          Also your are asking about RoboInfo in the RoboHelp forum so few would be able to make THAT comparison. Perhaps someone can compare RoboHelp and Ektron but you might do better in the HATT forum.