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    Coodinating Colors in Multi-Camera Shoots

    dgfitzpat1117 Level 1

      I sometimes use three video cameras on a shoot: a Canon 5D II, 5D III and Sony HXR NX5U.  I white balance each camera at the exact same spot and same lighting conditions immediately before the shoot.  The video clips that are subsequently produced don't seem to match from a white balance perspective.  The two Canon cameras are fairly close but the Sony requires quite a bit of work in post in the Fast Color Corrector and 3 Way Color Corrector to get it close to the others from a white balance or color perspective.  Of course when you are doing Multi-camera video of a person speaking at a podium, the colors have to match as you switch from camera to camera.


      I am very familiar with the tools in Photoshop which allow you to match colors Picture-to-picture.  One technique is to use the eyedropper in one picture to get an R-G-B reading and then recreate those settings in other pictures.  My question is: are there such tools in Premiere Pro which would allow me to take a reading in one clip and reproduce that reading in another clip, by the numbers?  I say "by the numbers" because presently, I'm simply eyeballing it and by doing so am spending a lot of time and not getting that close.

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Unfortunately, PP doesn't yet have that eyedropper/numerical readout.  You'd have to export a frame grab and bring that into Photoshop.

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            cfg_2451 Level 2

            It would be nice, spectacular really, to have a full sync system in PPro. By that I mean a compact and easy way to sync  various video feeds temporally, and with audio, and with color. And with anything else that needs syncing. Right now we are missing pieces (like color) and the pieces we have are scattered around. We need a nice central place to do this -- Prelude maybe? IDK.


            As far as color goes, it's high time Adobe gave us a way to color sync to standard charts. It would be nice to be able to step beyond mere custom white balance to a full color balance. Instead of shooting a gray card, why not shoot a Macbeth Colorchecker chart? then have PPro analyze the chart and apply the needed color corrections to "true up" the video feed's colors? This would save a huge amount of time in post, and would therefore be a huge value add.


            If Adobe doesn't want to do this, how about a third party plug-in? For that matter, are there any already on the market that do anything like this?

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              rejdmast1 Level 2

              Try matching the RGB parades in the display mode with the color balance filter.  That can get you pretty close.