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    After Effects CS6 input v source issues......

    VID user

      I have 1080P 25 MXF dnxhd 185 8 bit footage that has been graded in Davinci Resolve. I have outputted the footage as 1080P 25 Quicktime Dnxhd 185 8 bit as After Effects doesnt seem to support MXF.

      I imported this footage into AE added neatvideo noise reduction and rendered the output as Quicktime DNXHD 185 1080P 25 with a couple of issues.


      The output is blurry where movement happening such as hand gestures,  and visually looks interlaced (it isn't Im just describing the look)


      Furthermore I viewed both the Source file and AE render in Quicktime player and looked at the inspector for details:


      The source data rate read: 185mbits/s

      The AE output data rate read: 598.22mbits/s


      The output file is much bigger than the input file....


      Im wondering why.... as I made all the codec settings consistent with the original. I dont know if this is why the output has gone wrong or ifd its something else, but DnxHD 185 should be 185 mbits shouldnt it?