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    interlaced setting

    adobenewbie123 Level 1

      I was hoping to get a better understing of the poroect settings and a big part of my confusion relates to the interlaced setting. My first project was in DV which is of 4:3 interlaced for standard and 16:9 interlaced for wide screen. I was using alot of youtube type videos so I figured that standard made more sense. Much later down the line, I realized that I was gettinng black bars at the top and  bottom of hhe screen.  (which became obvious viewing in a full screen) My  first thought was this problem  related to this dv settinng having the wrong frame size  (720  480)  But I experimented putting these same clips in an hd setting and the black bars went away.  Plus I noticed that the HD setting has 16-9 inerlaced as well , even thouhg it is not distinguished as "wide screen"  So does the interlaced setting have more  to do with somethinng in in high definition or does it more relate to the width of the sccreen?


      Here is why I am asking. I have a problem that I can explain a bit more clearly now. I want to merge 2 projects into one  movie.  One project was created in a hdv setting and the other in a dv setting. Att the 11th hour I realize that the frame has balck bars in the dv so the frame size would not be consistent with the clips that I was mixing in with the HDV project. I can't go back and start a new project in an hd settting becasue it was months of work.  So is there any workaround to get the "ediited clips"  in DV back to full screen?  Possiblt by changing an export setting or exporting with the balck bars and then importing under a new setting?  or is that total science fiction.  And I am curious what did me in more with the balck bars. ... the 4:3 interlaced setting or the 720-480 frane size being too small?  I mistakebly assumed that HD only realted to the clarity of the picture and would not reduce the overall size and possibly  include black bars.


      Thanks everyonne for listening!

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Which version of the program do you have?


          Version 11 does a pretty good job of mixing formats. Prior versions do not, and you can not use an HDV or AVCHD video in a project set up for DV or vice versa without lots of issues.


          It also might help to know exactly which device models each of your video sources is coming from.

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            adobenewbie123 Level 1

            Hey Steve,


            Thanks for the reply!


            I am using version 10. I would definitely upgrade to version 11 if it provided more options for me to fix this issue. If this occurred, would my existing  project edits  be able to tranfer to version 11?  if not , I would be back in the same boat meanig I woud need to redo months of editing.


            The source of the dv project are youtube videos.  Long political speeched were downloaded from youtube to my computer and then uploaded into Elements and then edited.  (ultimately with just a couple lines left from the original speech)

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              You can probably open your version 10 project in version 11 -- but then it wouldn't take advantage of version 11's ability to automatically set up projects and mix formats. To do that, you'd like to start from scratch in version 11.


              Meantime, you say you're trying to merge HDV and DV footage? Just to make sure we're speaking the same language, HDV is tape-based hi-def video captured over a FireWire connection and DV is video captured over a FireWire connection from a miniDV camcorder.


              We can advise you, but we have to know exactly what you're working with.

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                adobenewbie123 Level 1

                Hey Steve,


                The HDV foootage cane from a JVC Everio HD  Camera. The dv footage came from downloaded youtube video so the source is unknown.  Both projects look good outside of the difference between the screen sizes which for me , is a showstopper. You can't watch a movie where the screen size changes back and forth which is what would occur after the 2 projects get merged.


                Maybe the lesser of the 2 evils is to export the final HD edited footage and then import it back into elements under the DV setting?  Would that shrink the screenszie so it matches the dv footage. It won't be full screen but at least it will be consistent.

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  Unless your videos both came from tape-based camcorders, you do not have DV or HDV footage.


                  We need to know the exact source of your video or its specs in order to make any recommendations.


                  If you don't know what kind of camcorder your video came from, download G Spot Video Codec or MediaInfo from the internet and open your files in them, then report the codec, resolution and frame rate to us.