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    HTML Gallery Output error.


      I am trying to output a folder of photos into an html web gallery and getting an error.


      Web Gallery Output Error: I get an error when I try and do an HTML Gallery from CS6 Bridge on Windows 7 64bit. After hanging on "generating html for several minutes I get the following error.

      "An error occurred in a bridge extension. JavaScript Error (Auto-Stack Panorama/HDR:3042): Internal error."


      I am using  Bridge CS (Version 64bit).

      Windows 7. 64BIT on a PC.


      The error occurs on large and small batches. Preview and Save commands.

      Any help to get this working would be very welcome. I have rebooted to get a clean run of bridge with same results.


      Thank you so much,


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          ClarkeGraves Level 1

          anybody out there?

          thanks in advance!

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            Curt Y Level 7

            I hope someone with some experience using the web stuff responds, as I know nothing, don't do social networking.

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              AaronPDX Level 1

              I get a similar error when trying to make a portfolio PDF using the Output features in Bridge CS6, Mac.


              For me it occurs shortly after I select a font in the Overlays area. At which point when I mouse over the panel headers (such as Layout, Overlays etc.) they go solid white and cease to be collapsable. Soon after, I get the error 'JavaScript error (in InDesign:484): Object is invalid'.


              I'm guessing it may be related to extensions I've disabled; will try that now.

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                AaronPDX Level 1

                Nix on that. I enabled all previously disabled extensions using Extension Manager CS6 — they were all InCopy-related — and the same error occurs. I should mention the title of the error is 'An error occurred in a Bridge extension.'


                Which is why it's particularly annoying that EM doesn't support Bridge anymore — no way to see which extensions Bridge uses, nor manage them.


                Ah: problem solved. The default font shown was Hobo Std, of all things, and finally Bridge recognized it's a problem font and disabled it.