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    Interactive PDF, open file in new window.


      Hello everyone,


      I was unable to find this on the net or I could be using the wrong typed search. Created a successful interactive document. I attached a portfolio to this interactive document. I have 3 images. Two are hyperlinked to specific urls which work just fine. I have a sample button which opens the pdf. The only problem I have is that the pdf open in the current pdf window of the past file, so one has to reopen the original file again to access it. I could create a button on the portfolio webpage to go back to the original document, but that would be 20 buttons.


      Is there a way for someone to click on the sample button, but open up a new window like you would for a webpage?


      Right now the setup in the Buttons and Forms window:


      Sample button


      Type: button

      Name: Sample

      Event: On Release or Tap


      Open File - Checked


      Select File: current path


      PDF Options

      Description: Portfolio Samples

      Printable - Checked.


      That is pretty much it.