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    Lighting effects not working in comp.

    Stephen Barrante Level 1

      Has anyone encountered a potential bug that would cause any lighting effects to be ignored in a particular comp?


      For example. I've been working with a composition for some time that didn't containt any 3D layers. I decided I wanted to create a simple solid background, spot light, to cast a shadow from my logo against that backdrop.


      Added those layers, confirmed I had the appropriate settings (3D enabled, cast shadows, receive shadows, check position of objects), unfortunately no effect. Intensity changes on the lights, again cofirming the logo is between the background and the light and all positions are accurate. No effect.


      Added a camera to the scene didn't make any difference. Changing the render quality/resolution. No effect


      Created a NEW comp. Added the solid, logo and light. Enabled all options. Lighting works!


      Moved same layers into old comp... they STOP working.


      Either there is a hidden render setting I've disabled just for this comp - or this particular comp is corrupt?


      Also note that both comps share the same settings regarding Shadow Map Resolution, Classic 3D, etc.