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    Map ID Madness

      First of all, I must say that I hate Robo X5's "Edit Map IDs" dialog box. It's way too small. If I could make it full screen at least, it might help. But that's not my main problem here.

      I use FrameMaker 7 to write content, and then import this content into Robo X5 HTML in order to create a chm help file. We need map id's for the programmers, so I use the "Edit Map IDs" (clumsily) to match up the map id's with the topics. I reuse the same .h file every time. So at least the numbers get preserved there. BUT is there a way like a "topic alias marker " or something that I can use in Framemaker so I don't have to map the numbers to the topics in Robo? It's very tedious, especially with the almost unusable Edit Map IDs box in Robo.


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          I don't know if this will be of much help but back in version 7 of RH, we found the Edit Map IDs dialog to be frustrating (and erroneously documented as well) so we rolled up our sleeves and found out how it all worked. Ever since, we have been creating all of our context sensitive help in WordPad. The .hh and .ali files are text files so it is possible to sort and drag and drop topic file names, map IDs, and map numbers in any kind of text editor you please completely bypassing the RH dialog.
          I would recommend opening up the .h and .ali files with Notepad, checking out the structure, and figuring out what will work for you.

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            Thanks John

            That will save me a lot of work. I can just reuse previous .h and .ali files, and simply manually edit them from now on. Awesome!