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    InDesign Support Complaint

    John Braat Level 1

      Adobe makes great products but their support staff is 3rd world class.

      I've been on hold for an hour now after speaking with a rep that I don't think ever understood what I was even talking about.  He was supposed to be transfering me to a "supervisor" but  I'm still on hold.  I've heard that Adobe support puts their customers on hold and bet on how long they'll stay on hold before they hang up.


      I purchased a template using the new adobe exchange panel in indesign cs6.  It's the universal magazine template from bestindesigntemplates.com.  It was $12.00.  After the purchase, I was not provided with a link to download the template.  I've written 4 emails over the past two weeks to them but they refuse to answer my emails.  Is it possible that adobe is providing their support too?


      The Adobe rep gave me a number regarding the issue - 183792060.  But I doubt they'll ever pick up the phone so I'm going to hang up in a few minutes and forget about the $12.00.  You can bet I'll not use the "exciting new panel" in InDesign CS6 again.  Nor will I trust the silly idea I had that if I had a problem with an Adobe Partner, Adobe would be helpful in ensuring their partners wouldn't rip off their customers.


      I know Adobe plans on bringing their support back to the USA.  I don't know if that'll be any better but I hope so because I do love what the adobe designers create.  Pure genius!  I love the products - HATE the pretense of support.


      Oh yeah, I got on chat 15 minutes before I started writing this and was told that one person was ahead of me and my wait would be about 1 minute and 52 seconds.  You guys are a barrel of laughs!  I'm on still on hold on the phone and on your chat.  Is "Thank you for your patience" Adobe's new tag line?


      This isn't the first time I've had issues with Adobe Support.  The fact is, everytime I try to get help from Adobe, it's a major disappointment.


      Now to hang up, close the chat window and post a video on youtube singing the tribute song I'm writing:  Adobe - "Thank You For Your Patience".  Or maybe: Adobe, Our Support is 3rd world Class.  Kind of catchy huh?  Update on time on hold: 1 hour and 17 minutes.  Hope no one won the bet.