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    Audio Stops on Slide

      The audio just stops on the second slide of a presentation. There are no builds or animations on the slide. When the audio stops, the button on the control panel switchs to Play and if you click it, you get a few more words of audio before it cuts off again. The slide that follows has a Captivate .swf file on it.
      Any thoughts?
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          Is this after you published to a server? If so, can you try saving to your local computer to see if it does the same thing.

          Also, if you published to a server, you might try closing all your Internet-based apps (other IE/Netscape windows, Outlook, Weather Bug) and see if it's the Internet connection to the server.

          Let us know how it goes...

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            Ingrid_the_Great! Level 1
            One more thing... to rule out if it has to do with the Captivate .swf file, try publishing with only the two slides and see if you get the same behavior. If you get the same behavior, then you can determine it has nothing to do with the Captivate file.