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    CS5 fields or codec problem.


      I am making a video for TV and here's the technical requirements I get:


      MOV. QT Self-Contained IMX30, 30 Mbps    or   Microsoft AVI

      PAL, 720x576.

      16:9 Full Frame Anamorphic

      25 fps.

      Upper field (odd).

      (liuminance): -1% and 103%


      The problem now is that I did submit 1 video with standard PAL DV AVI settings (lower fields) and the client is complaining about this because the TV station had to convert to upper fields. As it was in Premiere CS3 you could choose what fields to use, now in CS5 it's lower by default and unchangeable...


      Any suggestions what I can do? Since it doesn't seem to be possible to export QT with IMX30 on windows...