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    VFX Workstation: Which Video Card to get? GTX680 or Quadro4000?


      May I have some advice on Video Cards for my dual Xeon-E5 workstation?


      PC Specs:  SR-X Classified Mobo. Dual Xeon E5-2670 (32 simulated cores at 3.1Ghz Turbo)

      64GB memory, 4x 2TBCavBlacks in raid 0 (one raid0 for Content Drive, another raid0 for Render Drive)

      and 2x SSDs (one for OS, another for scratch or Apps)

      Main App: AE CS6 / Secondary: Premiere Pro CS6 / Want to Practice: Cinema4D 


      GTX 680

      Pros: 4GB Memory. 1500 cuda cores & Certified for AE CS6 by Adobe.

      Cons: Premiere CS6 has not certified it... yet. 


      Quadro 4000.

      Pros: Comparable performance to the GTX 680 + Certified Pro Card. Allegedly has cleaner performance. i.e. when GPU memory fills up on GTX it can get mad sluggish.

      Cons: Hasn't been updated in 3 years. 1/6th of the Cuda (256 cores). 1/2 the memory (2gb). Twice the Price.


      All specs considered...  I'm inclined towards a single GTX 680 (upgrade to SLI in future).


      Any practical advice on which route to go based on my Main Apps? Which has performed better in your experience?


      PS: Keep in mind, currently using 7D footage in .264, requiring conversions etc. Eventually will switch over to BlackMagicCinema 4K footage primarily.


      PSS: Budget is getting somewhat tight. Rather keep it between $500 and $1000. Not much cash left after all the expenditures so far - I wanted to focus my budget on mobo/chips/memory first. Figured by around Black Friday is a good time to snag a Video Card? or are these not likely to get price cuts?


      Thanks in advance!