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    ADE cannot successfully transfer books to device, "Page error"


      I have finally (after hours resolving multiple, separate problems with this software--just like every single time I am forced to use it) finally managed to get my book to appear in Adobe Digital Editions, and my reader device to be detected by ADE. I can even drag and drop (horrible interface) the book from my "library" onto the reader device which attempts to transfer the book to my device.


      I can read the book on my computer. I can open it, both from the library on my computer and from the library on my device. But when I close ADE, safely remove my device, and power it up, the book appears as one page long, and that page appears as "PAGE ERROR" on my device.


      If I then reconnect my device to my computer there are two possibilities, since I've tried this so many times. The first is that the book still appears fine when loaded from either library. The second is that attempted to load the book from either location will cause ADE to crash. At that point, I delete the book from either or both libraries, reopen the ASCM file to get the epub back into my ADE library, and try again, inevitably failing for the same reasons.


      So, what exactly does it take to get this software to really transfer a readable book onto my device, rather than merely pretend to do so? 

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          Obviously, you don't like ADE very much.  But are your problems procedural

          - or device-oriented?  IOW: is it the software?


          You didn't tell us what version of ADE you're using, didn't tell us whether

          your computer is Windows or Mac, and didn't name the ereader.  Those are

          very important details in any attempt to help you.  I can go over the

          generic process without that information, and it might help.  No insult is

          intended here - just trying to give you something that might help you

          pinpoint where it's all going wrong.


          The beginning is the installation of ADE.  You can open ADE and it works.


          Next up is downloading an ebook to ADE.  Looks like you've accomplished

          that and the ebook is readable on your computer.


          Next is the unnamed ereader.  And here's where I have questions for you.

          After you did the drag and drop (which isn't a 'horrible interface'), how

          did you end the session?  The nominal way is to wait until ADE is done with

          the transfer, then shut down ADE - and wait until the ereader tells you

          that it's finished processing its new data.  If you didn't get any message

          like that from your ereader, then the file on the ereader may be corrupt -

          and you'll get errors when you try to open the ebook.




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            I have the latest version of ADE, the latest drivers for my device on my computer, and the latest firmware for my device.


            I wait for the transfer to finish in ADE. As I said, I am even able to (on my computer) open the book from its location on my device's library before closing ADE. There are no errors, and the transfer is complete before I close ADE.


            Thanks for standing by Adobe's horrible interface so I'd know this was just pure fanboy-ism. Drag-and-drop is not only an unusual metaphor for copying (it's actually the time-tested metaphor for cut/paste, not copy/paste) files around my computer, but Adobe's software provides no sense of hitting at all. The book icon I drag is the height of about 8 rows worth of "bookshelf" entries, and ADE does not even bother to highlight which of those bookshelves it thinks I am currently holding the icon over, so I have no idea if I am about to drop it onto the line representing my reader or one of the other 7 bookshelf lines it is over. And, even if this were an intuitive metaphor with better implementation, that's no excuse to neglect having any kind of menu option--a context menu option when I interact with the book, or an icon in the menu bar, or entry in a drop down menu--that also lets users send books to devices. This is not only offered by every other reader software in existence, but really by all software of all stripes. A physical metaphor UI is the last thing added, never the only interface.


            Other books--including other books with this tragic ASCM/DRM--have transfered just fine. Adobe has just decided today that it can no longer reliably handle its own DRM. If it's giving up on itself, I will give up on it too--a good lesson to prefer any other file type or pirated content over terrible ADE DRM in the future. 

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              I try to help and to point out that your anger may be misplaced, and that

              you have to put it aside in order to see the issues themselves, instead of

              condemning the software because it works in ways you don't like.  That's

              not 'fanboy-ism' - it's an attempt to put the issues in the perspective of

              what is happening.


              Your response doesn't address the point I made about making sure your

              EREADER tells you it's done processing new content - only that you wait

              until ADE has finished its thing.  All ereaders I'm familiar with will not

              finish processing new content until the connection with ADE has been closed

              - they're waiting for more transfers....  My SONY spends almost a minute

              tidying up its files and closing the connection to the ADE library or the

              SONY library before it is safe for me to disconnect it from my computer.

              And I make sure that I disconnect my ereaders logically before I pull the

              plug, making sure my computer software knows they're gone.  Otherwise,

              there's an open connection to the ereader - and that can cause issues when

              you do something else.


              Finally, Adobe and ADE do 'manage its DRM reliably'.  You just don't think

              so, based on one ebook that's giving your issues.  Think broader: you are

              having problems, but 99% of us aren't.




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