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    Automate workflow: receive email feed then publish as news item




      Each week, news is sent from an external email account to a wide distribution.  Each week, I manually copy that email into the BC News module and publish it on the webiste.  I also manually update the "Subject" and "Expiry" fields.


      Is there a some way to automate this?  I was hoping there might be a Web App that would act as an email recipient.  Upon receiving the email, the webapp would:


      1. Duplicate subject field from email to subject field in news item
      2. Duplicate content from email to content in news item
      3. Set the expiry date to be recived-date + 2 weeks (or some arbitrary value)
      4. Publish the news item
      5. Send a confirmation mail to the administrator, indicating a news item has been automatically published


      I'm not concerned about securing the email feed from spammers.