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    Flash update installing unwanted add ons


      This is a note of protest. The most recent Flash update began downloading and installing Google Toolbar and Chrome, without my permission or allowing an option to deselect it. I am a loyal Adobe fan, and owner of Acrobat and this crosses a line and is making me think twice about continuing with Adobe products if such incidents continue to occur. I understand that with free products, like Flash, there are compensations in partnering and advertising, but it is never ok to install, without user choice, any unwanted software without permission. Adobe, you wouldn't want to offer me a ride in your car and then I invite 5 of my friends to jump in without your permission, would you? Please respect your users rights and privacy and stop this practice.


      I am only asking for being given the choice, as it is with most every other respectable software developers. I have no problem with add on offers, just please do it respectfully.


      Thank you,


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          I totally agree with MichaeldbSS.  I installed the update this morning and got the Google Toolbar and Chrome as unwanted additions.  I am a fan of Google, but would like to be given a choice as to whether to install their products or not.

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            chris.campbell Adobe Employee

            When downloading Flash Player, either through the normal get.adobe.com/flashplayer site or from the upgrade notification dialog, you should always be given the opportunity to opt out of the third party installation.  I made a video a little while back that explains how this should work, depending on what version of Flash Player is installed and what update options you have selected.



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              obrightt Level 1

              Thanks Chris for your comments.


              I agree that the upgrade process should give us the opportunity to opt out of third party software.  What MichaelB and I both wanted to bring to your attention is that for the mowt recent update the process that should work did not.  I installed the update on two computers, and on both did not get an opt-out option. 


              I do not know why it did not give us the opt out option, just that it did not.  Perhaps you could check with the update install developers and let us know what went wrong?

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                It does give you a checkbox to opt out of installing Google Toolbar and Chrome but it is really easy to miss it. It is on the get.adobe.com web page, just above the "Download Now" button. In other words, you have to tell it before you download that you don't want Google Toolbar and Chrome to be installed. Once you have downloaded it, it doesn't ask you. I agree that it is quite annoying.