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    Best install from scratch of FDS and CF?

      We have a new server on which we will install CF 7.0.2 enterprise and FDS 2. We normally install CF in the server configuration (no JRun). FDS being a J2EE app we will have to install JRun. What is the best install method to take the most advantage of FDS and CF? Should we do CF with JRun or CF server configuration and FDS with JRun? What about order of install?
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          There are a few options that work. Really the only trick is that both servers need to be running on the same network sub-net. They know how to find each other.

          Personally I like to install the CF multi-server w/Jrun option (the 2nd radio button in the installer). Then I can create different instances for each project. once I have CF installed this way I just deploy the flex war into the same instance so they are running in the same server side-by-side.

          When I do this the folder structure looks something like this