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    rendering problems: lagging final result.


      I am a first time after effects user, and  i made a pretty bas ic intro that a layer from photoshop (3d), a background (ramp), particles that react to audio (effect from red giant plug in, form), and a camera that moves around the text a bit. the whole thing is 8 seconds long. when i render the project to become a video (avi) i render it in the render cue. all seemed to render well, but when i looked at the clip, the footage was slow, and lagged a lot. i tried multiple times and even tried exporting the project to premiere but when i did that it gave an error message that it wasnt in the correct format or something. then when i tried adding an exported clip to premiere, a portion of the clip started working properly, but still no luck with everything else. how do i fix the problem? i dont know if its my computer that is the problem or not but my specs are...


      windows 7 ultimate

      8gb of ram

      1 gb nvidia graphic card

      2.2 processor

      its an asus labtop.