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    Password enabled printing


      Is it possible to restrict printing by password?

      I don't mind the documents being viewed/ read but i don't want unauthorized printing.

      Only those with a valid password can print. Is that possible?


      Right now i can either cancel print or print in low or high res.




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          Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          That's not how the permissions password system is designed to operate. As the document author you prevent printing by applying a password, but if you were to share that password with another user they could not only print the file, but also remove the protection completely and distribute an unsecured copy. The 'correct' way to do it is to distribute two different versions of the file with different permissions settings, and manage who has access to which version via an external system.


          It's also the case that many third-party PDF readers will allow printing irrespective of what you do in Acrobat's permissions dialog.