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    Bullet style defined as "disc" in CSS is inserted as "circle"


      We use RH9 with RSC. I've been wondering about this problem for a few weeks and maybe someone here has an idea why it's happening...


      The bullet style is defined as "disc" in our CSS, yet when I insert a bulleted list (using the button on the RH toolbar), my bullets end up as "circle" style. I don't use any other formatting on the bullets (the HTML I get is just <ul style="circle"><li>blahblah</li</ul>). The weird thing is that's it's only happening for me. My coworker opened the same project and she's getting "disc" bullets correctly.


      It's not a major problem, I just go in the HTML and fix the bullets manually, but it's really bugging me. Is there a global setting in RH (or Windows?) that I messed up? Did I somehow set "circle" bullets as my default and that's overwriting the CSS?