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          Daniele Dambra


          If I add new text to PDF, some reader do not show the text added. Sometime, even if I just change existing text, other people can't see what I changed.

          Please note that I'm working on Acrobat Pro X with not standard font.

          How can I sort this?

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            Bill@VT Level 7

            How are you adding the text. There are several ways with different results. The best way, though still not ideal, is to use the text edit tool (not sure of the name in AAX). When you place the cursor, hold the ctrl key to create a new text box. The best way to edit the text is to go back to the original application and fix it there, then make a new PDF.

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              Daniele Dambra Level 1



              Many thanks for your answer.

              I use to add text using Tools, content, Add or edit text box. Probably I forgot to press CTRL. Forgot to write that I'm using Mac version of Acrobat, is the same key to press?

              I knew that modify the original file is the best option but unfortunatelly I don't have it, this is why my boss bought for me the acrobat.


              Once the file has been saved (as PDF), the reader should just shows the file as I can see on Acrobat Isn't ? On laptop or desktop no problem but, on iPhone, some lines are missing and the words I changed are not visible.

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                Using Adobe Acrobat X Pro on Mac -- adding text only allows the maximum font size to be 24 pt.  When typed on pages, this font size is about 1/2 the other.  I cannot seem to choose a font size any larger.

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                  Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  That's true. If you were upgraded to Acrobat XI Pro, you could go up to 72 pt.

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                    Alec Molloy Employee Moderator

                    Hi Daniele,


                    Not sure if you have already found your answer, but this video might be of some help:

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                      Daniele Dambra Level 1



                      Thanks for the video! That is actually what I use to do. (Acrobat X)

                      I've notice other strange differents between my files. If I copy one file to work and change sentences but keeping just in case the original file, the one I'm using for the changes, once open with iPhone is already missing some sentences!BUT I HAVEN'T TOUCH ANYTHING YET!!! How can be possible?

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                        Alec Molloy Employee Moderator

                        Could you clarify what your problem is, I'm not sure what you are asking.

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                          Daniele Dambra Level 1

                          Hi Alec,


                          The problem is when I amend PDF, me and colleague, are not able to see what I changed.


                          This appens more often on mobile devices.


                          Do you have an idea about what am I doing wrong?

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                            Daniele Dambra Level 1

                            Hi Alec,


                            Here is probably more clear:


                            This is what I'm doing, has been added the first row "Preparation manual" and Broadstairs (laptop screen shot)

                            Senza titolo.png

                            This is what i can see if i move the file after my changes on my iPhone. (iPhone screen shot)



                            Why some changes remain and other disappear? This also happen if I add photos as stamps, I can see on laptop (even my colleagues) but once we move on our mobile, some changes are gone! As agents we move frequently abroad and we need to see on mobile as well.


                            Do you know anything I can do to fix this?


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