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    Acrobat Pro XI keeps crashing

    BNARobinson Level 1

      Recently started using Acrobat XI in place of X and have found it to be extremely slow and unstable.  I'm getting a lot of lag time in basic page scrolling (in documents that were fine in X).  What's more, it has crashed three times on me today; and, as far as I can tell, no crash report is generated.  I'm not getting the usual message telling me it's crashed with an option to submit a report to Adobe--it just "blinks out".


      Any thoughts / suggestions much appreciated.

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          Ken G. Rice Adobe Employee

          Moved to the Acrobat forum. They will be able to help you here.

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            gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            First try Help > Repair Acrobat Installation and see how that goes.

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              Sandeep V. Employee Moderator

              Could you please turn off the Protected Mode (Edit->Preferences->Security(Enhanced)), re-launch the application and then try? I just want you to try this workaround because AXI is more stable and efficient. Also, is there any anti-virus protecting AXI to work properly?


              Please post back the results.

              ~Sandeep V.

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                BNARobinson Level 1

                Hi Sandeep.  Thanks for your reply.  I don't have any third party anti-virus programs running.  I'm operating on a Mac, OSX 10.6.8.  There is no Protected Mode in the Security(Enhanced) Preference panel, but Enable Enhanced Security checkbox--is this the same thing?  It was enabled, so I'll try disabling it.  The thing is, it is not a regularly recurring issue.  As noted in my original post, it crashed three times that day.  Since then, it has only happened maybe three or four more times at completely random intervals.  Sometimes Acrobat will be running, with one or two PDFs open, I'll go away from my computer for a while and, when I come back, Acrobat has closed--but no notice of it having crashed / quit unexpectedly.


                Anyway, I'll let you know if it continues with Enhanced Security disabled.


                Thanks again.

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                  Sandeep V. Employee Moderator

                  Thank you for trying those steps. I didn't know if it was on Mac.

                  Okay, so when it crashes (in your presence) it should give you an option to get more details. There it shows the crash log. Would you be able to save that to text file and attach that here.

                  BTW, how did you remove AX from your Mac? Did you simply drag it to trash?

                  Is there any specific workflow that you follow or it just happens whenever it wants?

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                    BNARobinson Level 1

                    That's the weird thing: there is no sign of it acutally crashing.  The usual crash message does not appear / no option to send crash report, etc.  It's as if it quits on its own.


                    Re removing AX: I am an Adobe Cloud member, so was automatically eligible for the upgrade from AX to AXI.  I didn't even realise that AXI had installed alongside AX.  I then had some initial trouble when starting to use AXI: had to uninstall both AX and XI, use the Application Cleaner, then reinstall XI.


                    As to any specific workflow...  None that I'm aware of.  As far I can tell it does seem to crash (or quit on its own) completely randomly.

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                      Sandeep V. Employee Moderator

                      hmmm... If it quits silently (simply vanishes from the screen), that can be a licensing issue. Though, I'm not very sure; that's just a wild thought comes to mind. I doubt if you still have some corrupted/unused files of the previous version. Please let me know how many versions of Acrobat do you see under Applications-> Utilities-> Adobe Installers. We possibly need to remove the product from this location and then re-install it.

                      Also, launch Adobe Application Manager and check it's version?

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                        BNARobinson Level 1

                        Just launched Application Manager and it updated itself as I did so.  Now on version


                        Only one version of Acrobat in Adobe Installers folder: Acrobat XI Pro.


                        I haven/t had much cause to use Acrobat for the past few days, so haven't experienced the problem recently.  I will likely be using it a bit in the next few days, though (and more regularly in the coming weeks), so will get back to you if / when it next crashes / closes.


                        Thanks for your help.

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                          BNARobinson Level 1

                          Hi Sandeep,


                          I've been using Acrobat again over the last couple of days and the same thing keeps happening:  Acrobat is running, with one or two PDFs open then, seemingly without cause, it closes / disappears.  It's happened three times over the past two days and is getting very frustrating as I have to keep re-opening my documents (it doesn't even save them in the recent files) and relocating the areas I was working from.  Have you got any other ideas of what might be causing this and what I can try to remedy it?



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                            Sandeep V. Employee Moderator

                            The behavior that you explained doesn't look like the initial issue. If its an issue with the licensing it won't happen only when you open a PDF.

                            Can open Acrobat without any crash? If the answer is yes, we might have to look into another direction.


                            Kindly let me know.

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                              BNARobinson Level 1

                              Hi Sandeep,


                              Thanks for your reply.


                              Acrobat isn't crashing on opening PDFs--it's just randomly "diaappearing" while running normally.  I've never actually seen it go, though.  Acrobat will be open and I'll be using another application--then when I go to switch back to Acrobat it's just not there / not open anymore.  No crash report, no "Acrobat quit unexpectedly" message--just gone.


                              What do you mean by licensing?  Do you mean whether it's a licensed product or not?  I'm a Creative Cloud member, so there shouldn't be any issues there.  Acrobat X was working fine--only since moving to XI have I started having problems...

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                                Sandeep V. Employee Moderator

                                So, it stays there for 2-3 minutes and then simply disappears? Is that correct?


                                With licensing I meant - Acrobat might not be able to read the licensing files on your machine.


                                Please try these steps and check if it resolves the issue:


                                1. Go to Applications->Utilities->Adobe installers
                                2. Do you see Acrobat X Pro? If Yes, please double click on it and remove the older version. (remove Prefs as well).


                                1. Type Adobe Application Manager in Spotlight -> Lauch it
                                2. Click on Adobe Application Manager -> About Adobe...
                                3. Does it show Version 7?


                                Please let me know the results.

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                                  BNARobinson Level 1

                                  It generally stays open for more than 2-3 minutes--sometimes several hours.  Seems to be completely random when it disappears.


                                  No Acrobat X Pro installed--only XI.  I can only see one preference (plist) file for Acrobat, but it doesn't name a version.


                                  Application Manager version is

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                                    Sandeep V. Employee Moderator

                                    This issue requires further troubleshooting that we can't do on this thread. I have sent you a private message to work with our technical support team.

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