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    How to import the info of an excel file to the IPTC of a batch of jpg?


      I have a batch of 5000 pictures (jpg). I need to add the information that I have in an .xls file (Excel), from a column with the description of each picture. Each description is different from the others, so I would have to assign the code number of the file jpg (first colum of the excel) to the correspondance info that exists in the column of the description/caption into the IPTC field.

      I have tried several ways, applications that I have found through Google, but I have no way to do it. It seems that the origin of the problem is the xls file or the txt file that I have had to created to try to do the importation. In any case messages of errors like "the file does not exists", etc etc.  I don`t know what to do it. It's very important and urgent for my job. Somebody could help me, please?


      * I work with MAC OX S 10.7.5,  Adobe Photoshop CS5.1


      * I have tried applications like:  DIY Metadata, VRA Export-Import Metadata and another ones... whic names I don't remember now.


      I need to know if there is any easy or difficult way to do it.... or it's not possible!!


      Thank you from Barcelona!!