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    Problems with <cfcache>

      Hi there. I cached a page (client side) and the the following code is not flushing the cache.

      <cfcache timeout="#createtimespan(-1,0,0,0)#" action="clientcache">
      <cfcache action="flush">

      I had the following script to either cache or flush the script and that didn't work either. No errors were thrown, it just cached it the first time and didn't uncache it after the session var was changed to 1. here is the code

      <cfparam name="SESSION.clearCacheLink" default="0">
      <cfif SESSION.clearCacheLink>
      <cfcache timespan="#createtimespan(-1,0,0,0)#">
      <cflock scope="session" timeout="10">
      <cfset SESSION.clearCacheLink = 0>
      <cfcache action="clientcache" timeout="#createtimespan(0,1,0,0)#">