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    Don't you think it's STUPID that Muse and Dreamweaver do not work together?

    Dylan Nirvana Level 1

      This looks like another BLUNDER on the part of Adobe losing its way in the marketplace relinquishing its place as leader for something less than blind leading the blind. Case in point, before Adobe commited suicide on Flash Player (with 99% market penetration), it had a workflow enabling its primary design-authoring tools, Photoshop and Illustrator, to drop into Flash Catalyst and then Flash Builder to create top-notch web and mobile applications. Both from a design-centric and data-centric point of view.


      After abandoning its own products, the replacement technologies, Muse, Edge and whatnot, are not even comparable; in fact, they are amaturish in comparison. What was wrong with INCLUDING HTML as a parallel technology as a part of a multiple solution approach, instead of train-wrecking its own product line? These products are inferior by almost every standard. Who is in charge over there? Its not like HTML/JQuery can do everything Flash did (or ever will); nor is there anything remotely functioning as a conversion tool. So much for productivity.


      Last year, I was anticipating that Flash Catalyst would become a Utility incorporated into Flash Builder. I would like to continue using these products and would be interested in their continued development. I am sure I am not the only one jilted by Adobe's lewd abandonment of its own development community in these areas. Is Apache going to continue development where Adobe dropped the ball?


      The quality of programming and design on the web has suffered from these unfortunate narrow-minded choices by Adobe and its caving in to pressure by Apple, Mozilla and others. Stupid. Instead of finding ways that technologies can work together to improve communication, business and operations standards on the internet and mobile, it is the case of another Emperor's Clothes routine for the largest companies bullying for market position and control of the techno-ecosystem.

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          BenPleysier Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          As a Dreamweaver user and having had a brief glance at Muse, I can only conclude that they are two completely different products. I view the latter as an attempt to allow non-coders to produce a reasonably functioning website.


          A fusion of the two, would give me an even more bloated Dreamweaver, at which stage I shall be looking for alternatives.

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            Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Flash is dead as a web technology.  When Steve Jobs announced in 2009-2010 that Apple iOS would never support Flash, that was the nail in the coffin. In Nov. 2011, Adobe sealed the deal by pulling the plug on future Flash development for mobile devices.  The current list of non-Flash supporting devices is much bigger now than it was just 2 years ago.


            I agree that Edge Animate is still primitive. Edge tools are evolving because the technologies they use are emerging and not proprietary (owned by Adobe) the way Flash was.


            As far as MU & DW, I see no way of combining them. These are totally different products aimed at very different users.


            DW is professional level software for people who care about  web standards & the quality of their product.  DW can be used  to code just about anything from mobile apps & responsive layouts all the way up to enterprise level CMSs.   With DW, you're limited only by your coding skills and imagination. 


            MU is consumer level software aimed at hobbyists & non-professional web builders. It's very appealing to non-coders. Unfortunately, the trade off for all that "ease of use" is bloated, convoluted code  that even experienced web developers find hard to work with.  Finally,  with MU you're limited to a handful of templates & widgets. If you need something more, you're out of luck.  Of course, that may change over time.  We'll have to wait & see.



            Nancy O.