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    New to RoboHelp - Several Questions


      I'm a new to RoboHelp. I have several questions about the software:

      1. After I import a Word file, all the fields and Table of Contents appear in bold-blue underline text in RoboHelp. Is there a patch/ fix for this besides chaning the font color and removing the underline?

      2. I use a customized skin, how can I have the skin remain in the Skin folder for every new WebHelp project or change the default to the customized skin?

      3. Is it recommened to complile and save the all the files on a shared network drive?

      4. In a new WebHelp project, I can't use the image map feature. I get the "cross" to cropped the image to create my hotspot link, as soon as I click on my image; I get a beep. HELP! The cropped (red and blue) lines appear in a existing file, but not when I create a new WebHelp project and after I import the Word file. The Word file has the images.

      (losing her mind with RoboHelp in Milwaukee)

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          maniac9999 Level 1

          I can help you with answers to #2 and #3. Hopefully, other people will chime in with answers to #1 and #4.

          First, answer to #3. I would recommend NOT compiling on a network drive. In some cases, it can be slower. In other cases, if you have a network "hiccup" during the middle of a compile, you could fry the output - it's happened to me. Work locally, store your final copy and make backups to your network drive.

          For #2, the skins question. I created a custom skin and saved all of the files to a separate folder on our network. Then, when I create a new project, I import the skin. Unfortunately, I don't think there's anyway to make your custom skin into the default for each new project.

          Hope this helps.

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            meyersdm Level 1

            Thank you for your quick response.

            Question #3: I agree. I just need some "back-up" justificaton. The two leaders of the project are not too tech savy.

            Question #2: Thanks for the info. I'll just have to import the skin for all new WebHelp projects.

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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Hi all

              I'm looking at how one might achieve configuring the default skin for all future projects. If I make a discovery, stay tuned.

              For your issue with links and not liking the color, you should be able to do this via a style sheet. Ohhhh, shoot. I forgot to ask! What RoboFlavor are you using? RoboHelp for Word or RoboHelp HTML?

              Some of this won't apply if it's RoboHelp for Word.

              Cheers... Rick
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                meyersdm Level 1

                Thanks for the response.

                I'm new to RoboHelp; so I don't know I'm using RoboHelp for Word or HTML.

                I'm using RoboHelpX5, I create a WebHelp project and import a Word document. While I go thru the wizard screens to generate the WebHelp project, I select the option "No Java Applet - Pure HTML"

                I hope answers your question.

                Again, thanks for you help!