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    Not an active site is it?


      I have asked two questions this evening; one regarding the lack of an "unshelved" facility, and another for the email address of Adobe support. I have no response on either of these questions.


      Does anyone read this forum?

      Does anyone know ANYTHING?


      I am most frustrated wtih both Adobe and this forum.


      I think I would be better off going down the pub and asking the local computer geek. At least the company would be more lively.

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          Remember there's a time delay between 'your' side of the pond and this

          one.  Also please take into account that we speak a slightly different

          version of English, which may influence whether or not we understand you.



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            ol-_boy Level 1

            An interesting reply.


            I see that there are staff members on the forum, which is helpful, and gives one a great deal of comfort. However, are there not sites and pools of expertise around the globe? The telephone number of the UK support team, operates on UK office hours. This implies there is local (to the UK) expertise as well as other locations. It would be helpful to the forum if members of the Adobe staff from non-US locations could be encouraged to participate in the forum. That way cover could be improved and repsonse time shortened.


            As an aside; I am a member of a local (to the UK) forum, and "almost" any time of the night or day would promote a response to a query. In fact it is often raised as an issue if a response is not forthcoming in a short space of time.

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              Frustrated in AZ Level 4

              You're dealing with a product that Adobe supplies little support for.

              Those 'staff members' who troll the forum do so on their own initiative,

              not by corporate direction.  The rest of us are simply users of the product

              with either experience with the product, or knowledge of its operations

              gained by trial and error - or both.  Do not impose your view of who we are

              supposed to be, nor of whether or not we should give you fast responses.


              There are no 'pools' of knowledge around the globe, nor anything even

              approaching 24/7 support for the product from the vendor.  That frustrates

              me also (look at my screen name).


              Forum members may - or may not - be around when you think they should be,

              and they may or may not know anything about what you are talking about.


              Forum members may - or may not - answer your questions.  That's the

              perogative of the individuals here.


              If you're offended by my comments, then please feel free to stop reading at

              this point.




              It would appear from your questions that you charged ahead with the use of

              ADE.  The HELP section of the manual has much information that we would

              have to give your in responses to your questions, and I think would be

              helpful to you to understand the features, functions and processes of the

              software, so you could see if the issues you have fall outside normalcy.  I

              can't tell from your comments whether you've read the HELP section, and I

              hate to tell someone to 'read the manual' but it really does help to put

              the context around the operation of the software.  That could ease your

              frustrations - or contribute mightily to them. I won't hazard a guess as to

              which it will be.


              Keep in mind also that Digital Editions is Adobe's product to perform

              ebook library management functions.  There are other products that perform

              these functions, such as Overdrive, Calibre, Sony Reader Library, Amazon,

              Barnes & Noble, WH Smith, and Bluefire Reader.  Each has overlaps with

              Digital Editions, but may not perform all of the same functions.

              Conversely, Digital Editions does not do some things that they do.  If you

              want to walk away from Digital Editions, the ebook library you have built

              can be transferred to one of the others, with the exception of Amazon.


              Or, you can continue to ask us to help you.


              Your choice.


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                ol-_boy Level 1

                Respondent replied "Keep in mind also that Digital Editions is Adobe's product to perform e-book library management functions."


                Well in my opinion it does not do it very well. I may well choose another.


                Responent suggests free product are somehow lesser applications, perhaps not even worthy of support by the producer. If that is the implication and that is the case, then it belittles the reputation of a company and makes one wonder what sort of support is like which their mainstream products. I for one will be asking very careful questions on support before buying a software product.


                Adobe promotes this forum as a source of help. That is devolving responsibility, in my opinion, and not the practice one would expect from a global company. It does their reputation no good to rely on well meaning volunteers. If a company suggests a particular forum, then it would seem reasonable that they sponsor the forum in some way. I hope they do, otherwise there is a missed opportunity that I believe the forum should pursue.


                Respondent suggested the manual is a good place to start. Well frankly, who reads manuals.


                Finally, I thank the respondent for help with transfer to another e-book management product. OVerdrive, here I come.