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    A weird error message...

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      For some time now, every time I launch Fireworks 8, I get a weird error
      message across the splash screen:

      Problem loading the content XML
      You've requested a language ('en') which does not have any available

      I'm running OS 10.4.7 and have gotten this message ever since 10.4.5 or
      thereabouts. Normally I just ignore it and proceed with my work (it doesn't
      *seem* to affect anything), but it's starting to bug me. Any one know what
      this error message means and how I can get rid of it? I'm assuming 'en' may
      mean English? If so, I'm stumped because I do everything in English.

      I've installed some Alien Skin filters and Flaming Pear's SuperBlade
      Pro...could the xml file Fireworks is looking for be in one of those?

      I'd appreciate any ideas you may have.

      Charles Newbury