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    H.264 vs. H.264 Blu-ray export formats confusion ...

    joneisele Level 1

      I have a 1920x1080, 29.97, interlaced, upper, 1.0 sequence.   Embedded in that sequence are some 720p, 59.94 clips (yes, I know that's not the best thing to do here, but let's assume that it needs to be this way).


      I exported to a .mp4 file using the H.264 export format with the HD 1080i 29.97 preset; 2-pass VBR; max render quality.   Then I exported to a .m2t file using the H.264 Blu-ray export format with HD 1080i 29.97 preset; audio muxed; 2-pass VBR; max render quality.   When I play back the .mp4 file in Windows Media Player the video looks poor, especially where there is motion; kind of looks like jagged lines similar to what I saw when I recently exported SD interlaced footage in a progressive sequence.    But when I play the .m2t file it looks ok.   I pulled both exported clips back into PP and they have the same characteristics when I mouse over.    Let me know if you want screen shots or sample video clips. 


      I would have expected these to looks the same, but then maybe I don't understand the difference between these formats.   Feedback?