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    Rendering from QT-DNxHD to other codecs causes black spots in the highlights. Causes?


      Using a windows 7 pro machine, i7, 24gb ram, Nvdia GTX 570.


      No other codecs that I have used have ever caused this issue. I am rendering from DVCPRO through an AE - 16 bit - rec 709 timeline to 10 bit QT-DNxHD (No problems at this point). I then edit in PP. No signs of problems at this point. From there I export via AME to AVI, H264 and Mp2 DVD. This is where it gets bad. All clipped highlights, coming from PP through AME, have black spots in them.


      I have never worked with DNxHD before. I have heard good things and wanted to try it as a mastering codec. I'm sure this is not suppose to happen... am I doing something wrong?