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    Creating a widget for iBooks Author


      This seems to be an issue in iBooks Author but thought I'd see if anyone here had an idea.


      I'm a noob, trying to take an iPad app I previously created and turn it into an iBook. On this page, Goldilocks takes a taste of porridge and makes a face as its too cold. I've successfully created the animation of GL raising the spoon to her mouth, making a face and then returning the spoon to the bowl. I then added the widget to the page in iBooks Author but when I "touch" to play the animation, the widget opens in it's own window and plays. But I don't want it to play in a window... I want it to play in place on top of the background.


      This is what the background image looks like (only without GL). GL is a widget I created using Edge Animate.



      The goal is to allow the user to tap GL and play the widget I've created of her tasting the porride (here's one of the keyframes from the animation)



      But like I said, when I tap GL it opens in a window. Any ideas?


      Adobe Animate Edge is so cool and I have a bunch of great ideas if I can get this to work... So hoping someone has an idea. (Oh, and bonus points, can I add an mp3 file to Edge and have it play, "Yuck, this is too cold!" Haven't had a chance to try but that would be awesome!)


      Thanks, Kevin


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          AmintaAdobe Level 1

          Hi Kevin!


          Unluckily this is the default and the only behavior of the Html Widget in Iba: it can only run in a window....


          About the mp3 file, you have first to convert it in a format directly supported by Iba, like .m4a. Then, you have to insert this code:


             var  track = new Audio(); // declare and initialize a new audio() (Html5) variable called track

                  track.src = "media/track1.m4a"; // define the source of your audio variable: "track.m4a" is the name of your audio file

                  track.volume = 0.5; // set the volume of your track


          Now you can recall and play/pause your track like this:






          The code can be inserted on event "click" on the Div you want the user clicks to play the sound!


          Have a nice day!





          PS: congrats for your beautiful work!

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            pk_Bellevue Level 1

            Thanks Davide! Yeah, that's what I thought though was kinda hoping there might be some sort of work-around. Are you familiar with InDesign? Wondering if creating this sort of animation might be possible with InDesign then publishing as an ePub3?


            I have this wonderful artwork (done by a magnigicent freelancer... cannot take credit for his work) and would love to use in other formats so suggestions welcome!


            All the best, Kevin