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    .mp4 XDCAM audio skips in Premiere, plays fine in VLC, can't figure out why


      I am importing several Sony XDCAM EX1 files into Premiere 5.5 from 3 cameras.


      They are coming directly from the BPAV folders on the external HD that I stored them on from the days of shootig.


      They will play just fine in VLC when I select and play the .mp4 files within the folders on the external drive, so I know the .mp4 files work.


      When I import them into Premiere 5.5, and place the file onto a timeline, I am getting audio skipping, and dropped audio. I know the audio is there on the original file, and somehow it is becoming corrupt when importing into Premiere.


      I have already edited 3 days of the 6 day shoot into the program, but for some reason I am getting jacked up audio on the last 3 days of imported files that I just brought into Premiere.


      Since I can play the same files on the External Drive in VLC and the audio plays perfectly, I am wondering if there is a problem somehow I do not know how to address in Premiere.


      Any thoughts?  Help!