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    CS5 exportFile() Method Producing Invalid RTF

    mlavie Level 1

      (For CS5, Actionscript, Windows)


      I have tried using the exportFile() method to create an RTF file which contains the text contents of a TextFrame.


      Although MS-Word and MS-WordPad successfully read the file, every 3rd party library I tried to convert RTF to HTML (both open source and the leading propietary solutions) failed to read the file. The 3rd party products either return an empty HTML or complain about duplicate font defintions.


      Interestingly, if I take the RTF produced by exportFile() and save it in MS-Word, the file can then be read succesfully by all other 3rd party libraries.


      Any ideas? The file produced by MS-Word after the re-save is so radically different from the RTF originally produced by InDesign that there's no point attempting to compare the files visually.