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    From Homesite to Cfbuilder

    plarts Level 1

      I am using Homesite for many years,

      I would like to switch to CFbuilder,

      but it does not seem so easy ,

      My main problem, is that I used to work from my local sites directories

      and not from a working space or projects.


      So I would like to retrieve in CFbuilder a simple acces to my local websites

      in my wwwroot server, and call files from this space.


      Should I have to declare a project for each website, which is a simple directory in the wwwroot ?

      And so, how.


      Thanks for help.


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          Adam Cameron. Level 5

          The workspace thing is neither here nor there. When you go into CFB just check the "don't ask me again", agree to where it says it's going to create a workspace, and move on. You never have to think about it again.


          For the most part, you don't need to think about projects any more beyond creating them to start with.  A project should represent a... well... a project. If you have multiple websites you work on, each is a project.


          When creating them, there's a coupla possible approaches.


          1) create the project in the directory your actual web app files are.  Most people do this (and it's CFB's expectation), but I think it's thr wrong approach.  A project creates some files, and they have nothing to do with your web app, so they should not go in the same place as your web app.


          2) create a location to create your projects, create one with a sensisble name, then use the file > new > directory > link to existing directory option to associate your source code with your project.  This makes more sense to me, but I have had problems with CFB understanding where files are in the past, so I could not get some stuff like debugging to work. I don't actually care about the debugging, so this is not a problem for me.  It might be for you.


          After doing either one of those, one does't really need to think about projects every again, if you don't get any benefit from them.




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            plarts Level 1

            I do not understand when you say :

            create a location to create your projects


            What you call location ?  where in Cfbuilder ?


            I have 2 items created in the "navigator", I suppose these are projects.

            But I do not see the purpose of them, I see the directories, and files.

            Just like in the file browser. What more ?


            Also I my local server in on an other PC in my local network.

            i have declared this server (IIS, IP adress),

            but it cannot start.

            I have this message :


            [plarts]:Error(11/11 at 06:26:25) Error retrieving server version. Cannot perform the operation. Check if the server is accessible from web browser.


            Because, I only have the possibility to check "local server" but it is on another PC,

            then is it local or remote.


            Thanks for your assistance.