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    Adobe CS6 weird R3D issues

    Joe Riggs Level 1



      I have been working on a project with native R3D files for a couple of months. I haven’t it touched the project for a couple weeks; the computer and drive were turned off and disconnected properly. No files were moved, drive letter and paths all still the same.  


      However, now when I load the project a few weird things happen:   


      1. It says it loads all media, yet when I play the timelime it indicates half my R3D files are offline.
      2. When I load the project, it does NOT prompt me that I have offline files and to reconnect them.
      3. When I try to reconnect the R3Ds manually premiere gives me “Unsupported of Damaged File” error. The files play back fine in RedCine X.


      On Win 7 64bit, never had a problem before

      Any help is greatly appreciated.