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    JPG files are being erased by PE 5 Organizer


      I have experienced a weird incident with Photoshop Element 5.0, to which I

      couldn't believe until I could reproduce it: *the PE Organizer erases all

      *.JPG files in the pictures' directory I am working on when closing under

      certain conditions.* You will find in appendix the report of the tests I

      have been running.


      The procedure that leads to files being deleted is the following:

      - Initial state: PE 5.0 Editor and Organizer inactive. The directory

      contains 2 JPG files (IMG_0177a.JPG). The files in the directory are sorted

      by file type.


      1. Open PE 5.0 Organizer.


      2. Select picture IMG_0022.CR2.


      3. Click on "Go to full edit". The directory still contains the 2 .jpg



      4. Save the file after edit as IMG_0022.DNG. The directory still contains

      the 2 .jpg files.


      5. Click on "Open image".  The directory still contains the 2 .jpg files.

      6. Save the picture as IMG_0022.JPG. The directory contains now 3 .jpg



      7. Close the file in the Editor. The directory still contains the 3 .jpg



      8. Click onto the Organizer window to give it the focus. The directory

      still contains the 3 .jpg files.

      9. Close the Organizer. The 3 .jpg files are no longer in the directory.


      The appendix shows more details (screenshots) of my tests (see tests 1 and





      I couldn't find any configuration in PE that can cause this behaviour. I

      could also find no mention of it on your support site. Could you please

      help me?


      - Is that behaviour made possible through a configuration preference or is

      it a known bug?


      - If it is a bug, is there a fix for it?


      - If not, how else can I avoid such deletions?

      - If I store the .JPG files in a subdirectory of that where the raw photo

      files are stored, can I be sure that the JPG files will never be erased

      through that behaviour?


      I have just experienced that incident only this fall because I have just

      installed PE 5.0 and started processing raw photo files recently (I had PE

      4 up to then).


      My configuration:

      - PC with Windows XP Pro SP3 and all updates installed. 1.5 GB RAM. Drive

      C: is 37 GB, free space is 13 GB.

      - I got PE 5.0.2 with my Canon camera I bought in January 2008. I installed

      the update in August 2012. No add-on SW has been installed to PE.

      - I store my photo files on a NAS disk (La Cie 1 TB, free space: 203 GB)

      and use another NAS disk for backup copies (that backup disk is only

      running for backups; it was never running when I experienced the incident



      - My photo files are stored in directories organized by date and event. Up

      to now, I have been storing all types of photo files in one directory per

      event (.CR2, .JPG, .DNG).




      Best regards




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          MichelBParis Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I have tried to reproduce your problem without success. The files are still there and visible in Explorer or Organizer folder view.
          My configuration is very similar, PSE5.02 on Win XP SP3, Adobe Camera raw 3.5. I put 2 jpegs and one .CR2 file (Canon 20D). However I don't use a NAS drive.

          Are the missing file in the waste basket ?


          Note that you are not speaking to Adobe here, it's a user to user forum. Anyway, Adobe will support only the most recent versions of Elements.

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            Dhdut Level 1

            Thanks a lot for testing this problem so quickly. I really can't think of any cause for it. On my sytem, the erased files are also still visible in the Organizer (as thumbnail), but disconnected from the actual picture file.

            No, the missing files are not present in the waste basket (Windows standard when the deletion occurs on an external disk).

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              andaleebfatima1 Adobe Employee

              Not sure why this is happening this way but may be closing PSE processes which access and work upon files in the background might make a difference.


              Please launch Organizer and click Edit >> Preferences >> Media Analysis and turn off all checkboxes.

              From the task manager, kill the following exes if running-


              Adobe Photoshop File Agent

              Dynamic Link Manager


              repeat your workflow and check if the issue still happens.