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    How to change Scale for 30 layers simultaneously?


      Hello everyone!


      I have a project in After Effects with about 30 layers on top of a background (with the people). Each layer is Scaled to 3 - 7% of the original size and put on top of the background (which is at 100% scale - 1920x1080pixels).


      I want to make a photo with the project, so I have the same background ready in Photoshop in a higher resolution (~5000x3000) and my idea is to export the composition as Photoshop layers and just put it on top of the background.


      The question is: How can I simultaneously change the scale of all the layers I have in the project by a certain ratio (it needs to be 2.803 times bigger than what it is right now), without having to go through each of them separately?


      This way I'd just increase the size of each individual scaled layer, export it as a Photoshop layered PSD image, put it on top of the higher resolution background, and move the figures in the right position again.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!