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    Incompatibe Display Driver


      Totally out of the blue, I started getting the message


      "we detected an incompatible display driver, to get a better and faster playback, please update your display driver. Display driver details:Intel HD Graphics 2.1.0- Build"


      every time I  open  up Premiere Elements 10. I can not see any video in the display window.  It's just completely grey even though I can see a  picture on  the scenelineewithin each individual clip. I even experience this same problem on oler projects.  Also, during playback, I can hear the audio playing, just no video.


      I reserached this message on the forum and it seems that the recommmended driver update does not resolve the issue, which makes sense cause it does not seem like anyoe, including myself, made any driver changes to cause this error in the first place. So I tried the forum  recommmednation of restoring my windows 7 to an older date, prior to this issue.  Unfortunately that did not help. Next, I was going to delete the file bad_drivers.txt as per previous forum messages but that does not seem to exist in my system.  I a using windows 7 and I can not find any folder callled "Program Data" where that is supposed to live.


      Does anyonne have any recommnedationns for next steps. On possibly a related note, for days prior to this issue, I was experiencing poor performance on my placyback withinn Premiere 10.  The video was playing very choppy, even though it was fully rendered. ( it was acting like it was not rendered but it really was. ) This made editing very problematic. (although I could atleast see the video at this juncture) I am wondering if I can update my display driver to something that could not only fix the main issue of the video not appearing but also deliver a smoother playback performance.  That would be awesome. I have not tried that step yet cause I don't have a good udnerstanding of how and which type of driver to update.  Plus I got discouraged  reading onn the forum that such a recommmended step did not resolve the issue.



      Thanks everryone in advance for reading this and providing any feedback!

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Although this first crept up in version, it's well worth applying the same steps in version 10. This is from the FAQs library to the right of this forum.



          I also recommend manually going to Windows Update and ensuring you have the non-critical  updates (which don't install automatically) as well as the automatic updates. Many of these non-critical updates include important drivers and system updates that are important to Premiere Elements' functionality.

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            holdthatmayo Level 1

            Thanks Steve!


            Perhaps BadDrivers.txt is a hidden folder which is why I could not locate. I'll look into that.


            I also want to follow your advice about updating the driver so  when you say:



            "First, ensure you do have the latest driver from the nVidia or ATI web site."


            do you recommend either one in particular.  Also, is it simply just  a download or  do I have to uninstalll my existing driver before downloading the update?

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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You go to the vendor web site that is appropriate to your brand and model graphics adapter... so, what is your brand/model card?


              You USUALLY do not need to uninstall a driver, you just download the newer driver to your hard drive and run the EXE

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                holdthatmayo Level 1

                Hey John,


                Thanks for the reply!  Here is the information for my card:


                Name: Intel(R) HD Graphics

                Manufacturer- Interl Corporation

                Chip Type- Intel(R) HD Graphics (Celeron)

                Dac Type- Internal

                Approx Total Memory- 763 MB

                Current Display mode- 1366x768(32 bit) (60hx)


                Can you advise the best way to proceed with the driver update as well as any upgrade options I can do to improve overall playback perfomrence of Elements?



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                  holdthatmayo Level 1

                  Since I did not feel comfortable yet doing the driver update, I thought it would be wisein the meantime,  to proceed with the step of deleting the Bad-Drivers.txt, as per Steve's original instructions,. Although it did return a picture to the display window when I open up my project, (it is no longer a solid gray)  my performance issues have now deteriorated  to the point that the picture does not even move when I hit play.  The counter goes and I hear a but of sporadic soound as the clip plays  but the video is so stuck,  it looks like a still. And just to be clear, this is fully rendered video,, Would proceeding with the driver updates help performance or do you think I need to upgrade the actual graphics card on my computer.(Graphics card info is directly above i my previous response)  Starting to get real nervous about being able to finish my movie  in my current condition.  Also, it seems  strange that I did not have these performance issues early on so do you think it's possible that I have too many clips stored in elements which is weighing everything down?


                  Thanks again for your time!

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Having a video driver go "obsolete," is seldom due to anything that a user does. It is most often caused by an OS update, and that is why ATI/AMD and nVidia issue drivers about once per month.


                    I think that others have addressed the steps to take.


                    Good luck,



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                      John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      >Name: Intel(R) HD Graphics


                      That would mean you go to Intel to try and find a newer driver

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                        nealeh Level 5

                        holdthatmayo wrote:

                        Name: Intel(R) HD Graphics


                        This is the place to go: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/


                        holdthatmayo wrote:


                        Current Display mode- 1366x768(32 bit) (60hx)


                        That's an unusual display mode. Is it the native resolution of the screen? (i.e. does it exactly match the actual number of pixels on your display?).


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                          I had a similar problem with the ATI Radeon HD 4300/4500 Display Driver. When I looked at the "About" for the Catalyst Control Center, it told me that it was a .net framework-based application. Then I remembered that I had applied the windows update for the .net framework at about the time the problem appeared and that Susan Bradley of Windows Secrets had mentioned that updating the .net framework can cause problems with some applications. So I uninstalled those updates, and now APE 11 works fine. I uninstalled KB 2737019, KB 2729449, and 2742595.

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                            upholsteryteacher Level 1

                            My HP 530 has an updated Mobile Intel 945 Family Express Chipset. driver installed.  I'm having the same troubles with Premiere Elements 10. Is this a video card that should also be 'rolled back' like the comments below? I'm fit to be tied trying to edit.