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    A SD and HD video mix question.


      So I’ve searched online and have found different suggestions, and I’m not sure which one would be better.  Here’s what I’m trying to do, I have SD footage that’s 4:3, 25FPS PAL and I have footage that’s 1080p, 24FPS NTSC.  I need to mix them both, so obviously upscaling my SD footage to 1080 would look horrible.  So I figured 720 would be better and I resize the 1080 footage instead.  Now I have used Instant HD to scale my SD footage up so it will have pillar boxing which I’m fine with since there’s no possible way (unless I’m wrong here) that I can see to make it 16:9 and have it look good. By the way I have Premiere Pro CS6 and After Effects CS6, so if there’s anything I can do better in After Effects instead of Premiere Pro regarding my situation here let me know.


      Now my question is, what’s the best way of making my SD footage looking as good as possible that I can get it to be upscaled?  Is Instant HD the best route?  I’ve tried it but I want to know if it’s possible to get it to look even a tiny bit better if possible.  Are there specific settings I should be entering?  I know I’m not expecting true HD look to it but I’m just trying to get it to look as good as possible when upscaled.  Also if I use Instant HD to upscale it, should I set the field option to always deinterlace?  To be honest the footage doesn’t looked like it’s interlaced, I’m not seeing the interlace lines during any motion.

      Now my other question is, mixing PAL and NTSC content.  What’s the best route for doing that?  Any pros and cons? 


      Now out of curiosity, here’s a youtube video I came across.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJxS-XXvUwo

      Apparently it’s an SD footage blown up to 4k resolution while still looking good.  Apparently the creator used PFTrack and Nuke for this, as well as Lustre but that’s for color grading it I guess.  I’ve never used Nuke or have ever heard of PFTrack.  How would you go about doing something like this? Is it even possible to do it in Premiere or After Effects?  Should I be looking into Nuke and PFTrack to get a better result with upscaling my SD footage?  To be honest I can’t find much info about Nuke and upscaling so I’m really clueless about how this is done… That’s if this is even legit.