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    No Audio when I use the Source Monitor in Premiere Pro


      When I set in and out points using the Source Monitor in Premiere Pro (CS5, using on a Macbook Pro), I never get any audio when I overlap that footage into the timeline.  Note that I am *not* dragging from the Audio only or Video only buttons.  The workflow goes like this:


      1. I pull up a clip in the Source Monitor, and watch it.I hear audio perfectly.
      2. I press I for the inpoint
      3. Press E for the endpoint
      4. And then click Overlay to insert the video


      But...I never get any audio.  Only the video track appears.  I have tried targeting different tracks, doing it in a sequence with no content, using buttons instead of I / E - no luck so far. 


      It's not an issue with the tracks themselves because if I drag them directly to the timeline, and just use the razor tool instead, the audio is intact.  That will work for this project, but not for others. 


      What am I missing?