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    JPEGS Edit In P Pro But Errors In AME

    chuck farris

      Hey Folks- I'm doing a "Ken Burns" style project- scanned 4000 x 3000 jpegs edited in a 1080p 23.97 project- lots of zooming and panning.

      Edits fine, plays back fine in P Pro.


      But when I go to AME to make an h.264, after a few minutes I get:

      Error compiling movie.

      Unknown error.


      This is a 1:30 sequence, on it's way to being a 10 minute sequence (or five 1:30-3:00 sequences)


      I've tried breaking it up into halves, it seems the first half encoded OK, but not the second half.

      Tried dividing the second half into 2 quarters, neither encoded.


      I tried copying sequences, nesting sequences, Pro Res instead of h.264, none work.


      OK, I just retested the first half, it encodes to h.264 fine, but not the second half.



      Is this a corruption issue??? If so, how do I fix it?


      I've never had this issue before.

      Thanks for any suggestions!


      CS5, OS 10.6.8, Mac Pro 6 x 3.33GHz, 24 GB RAM, non-CUDA 5770