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    too many problems for simple converter?

    Steve Zeeeee Level 1

      Why on earth would dng converter freeze?  Never before.

      Why does the active window NOT show where on  earth

      this operation is taking place, the conversion, in case we forget?  Even worse,

      when resuming from the freeze, it now converts dng's already there to dng-1's

      now duplicating hundreds of conversions from before the freeze??

      Now the excessive duplication has flooded my disk to capacity creating havoc. 


      dng 7.2, OSX 7.5 NEF d800


      now EVERY remaining file there is an error processing the image

      Now i have to go thru and pick out all the dupes but be sure not to

      remove an unduped one. What dumb nightmare from just wanting to

      slim down, not bloat out.

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          My first reaction to your question would be to ask you why you are bothering to convert to DNG.  If you're having that much trouble, why not just work from the original raw files?  You can always convert to DNG later from ACR or from Lightroom.


          Those D800 NEF files are really large.  What happens if you convert just one or two?  How much RAM do you have?